Over150,000 people have visited this Kyoto new tourist attraction! Featured on TV over 10 times and in the mass media over 26 times!!

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Kyoto style confectionery is known for an elegant use of color

and the “blur” technique to skillfully create sweets.

Visitors use these types of techniques to create Kyoto style confectionery.

Please challenge now for being professional of Kyoto style confectioner.

Classes are taught by the proprietor of Yoshihiro and a female Kyoto style confectioner, 
a recipient of the Kyoto Governor’s Prize.

Introducing our skillful Kyoto style confectioners

Nanami Mizuuchi  designs new Japanese confectionery.

Instructor Profile: Nanami Mizuuchi
Nanami Mizuuchi, a female Kyoto style confectioner at Yoshihiro, is the top graduate of The Kyoto Style Confectionery School, an institution run by Kyoto to keep the traditions of Japanese confectionery alive. The school is attended by professionals from Kyoto who must have a minimum of over 2 years training. Nanami Mizuuchi has been awarded the Kyoto Governor’s Prize and has distinguished herself among professional Kyoto style confectioners as attested to by being honored with awards of distinction for her technical skills. She has acquired the national qualification of “Japanese Confectionery Master, First class.”

During a Japanese confectionery class Keisuke Mizuuchi

Instructor Profile: Keisuke Mizuuchi (Proprietor, Yoshihiro)
Mr. Mizuuchi, who assisted his father from a young age, has been a professional confectioner for 13 years. He serves as the Assistant Director of the Youth Group of the Kyoto Japanese Confectionary Industrial Guild, which heads the Kyoto Japanese confectionery world. He also exhibits confectioneries at the National Confectionery Exhibition held once every four years. He often appears on radio and television, and recently received the Best Entrepreneur Award. He has acquired the national qualification of “Japanese Confectionery Master, First class.

Why have 50,000 people participated in the Kyoto Style Confectionery Class?


Because there are some things that can only be experienced in Kyoto. We are proud that this “Kyoto Style Confectionery class” is one of those experience variety of skills and knowledge can be discovered in the historic traditions of Kyoto style confectionery. Visitors who become acquainted with the skills of confectionery craftsmen are rewarded with an even greater insight into Kyoto culture. That is the reason we have welcomed so many visitors. Class participants also have an opportunity to observe us creating confectioneries. Please come and enjoy your visit.

Keisuke Mizuuchi, Proprietor, Kyoto Style Confectionery Sohonke Yoshihiro
Nanami Mizuuchi, Confectioner, Kyoto Style Confectionery Sohonke Yoshihiro

Yoshihiro’s Kyoto Style Confectionery Class has become a new and popular tourist attraction.

Class sizes range from 2-50 people. We are happy to hold confectionery-making classes for tour groups, including sightseeing groups, school trips, study tours, and graduation trips. We also will hold off-site classes at a location of your choosing.









■ Off-site Classes

Class Fees:

Our professional confectioners will hold Kyoto Style Confectionery Classes at a location of your

choosing (hotel, etc.).

・Class Time: about. 60 min.

・Participants make 2 types of fresh sweets (nerikiri) appropriate for the season.
The instructor will bring samples made in advance, so participants will take home 4 sweets
(2 samples plus 2 sweets made in class).

・Instructors are professionals who have acquired the national qualification of “First Class.”

・Following the class, participants will be able to observe the instructor demonstrate confectionery making.

* Off-site classes do not include servings of maccha tea and the awarding of a certificate of completion,
which are a part of the in-store classes.

Off-site classes can be scheduled for any number of participants.

・Class Fee―General fee: 1,950 yen × No. of participants; Children: 1,620yen × No. of participants (younger then high school)
*In the case of a school trip, teachers can by children’s rate. 

・Off-site Location Fee―For small groups (20 people or less) and large groups (41 people or more):
The off-site location fee is 15,000 yen.
* Groups of 21-40 people will not be charged an off-site location fee.
* The off-site location fee varies when traveling long distance, so please inquire.

・Transportation: Free within Kyoto City; separately charged when traveling long distance.

● Other Events

Our professional confectioners will demonstrate their craft off-site at events such as kimono exhibits, wedding parties, tea ceremonies, and New Year’s parties. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 E-mail: info@yoshihiroseika.com

TV and media coverage (numerous celebrities have also participated)

The Yoshihiro Kyoto Style Confectionery Class has been covered by many different mass media. It is an extremely popular Kyoto tourist attraction.

Media Coverage:

We have received coverage from various media, including KBS Kyoto Live Broadcast; News Scramble; Wide ABCDE―Su; Chichi; Tsuukai! Everyday; Good Morning, Asahi Desu; NEWS Plus 1; News Satellite; Zoom In Asa; Chichinpuipui; Narutomo; NHK Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae; other

KANSAI 1 Shuukan; Kansai Walker; Chiba Walker; Kyoto o Asobu Hon; Kyoto Pia Aki;
Hanako WEST; Hanako; Nikkei WOMAN Kokokara; Orange Page; Kekkon Jyouhoo-shi, Zexy;
Nagano Komachi; Niigata Komachi; milk navi; Esquire Japan; Nikkei Design; Strategic Web Design; Daihatsu Meetopia; Keieisha no Shiki; Sooi To Kufuu; othern』

The Sankei Shimbun; The Nikkei; Nikkei Marketing Journal; The Asahi Shimbun;
City Living; City Living Kyoto; Asahi Shimbun Aiai AI Kyoto; other

The reason celebrities have become so enamored with

the Kyoto Style Confectionery Class
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A Confectionery Experience Unique to Kyoto StyleConfectionery Sohonke Yoshihiro

Participants make 2 types of Kyoto style confectionery (1 of each) appropriate for the season.

The sweets differ by season, depending on if it is spring, summer, fall, or winter.
Participants will at times use their hands, a spatula, or a spoon to make the Kyoto style confectionery.

Participants will take home 2 sweets made by the instructor.
Professional Yoshihiro confectioners such as Nanami Mizuuchi will utilize their exceptionaltalents to create Kyoto style

After the class, participants will be able to watch the professional confectioners craft confectionery.
The female Kyoto style confectioner, Nanami Mizuuchi, who has been awarded the Kyoto Governor’s Prize, and the Yoshihiro proprietor will demonstrate their skills for the participants.

Participants can enjoy high quality maccha tea from Uji, Kyoto and sweets.
After trying their hand at making Kyoto style confectionery, participants can relax and enjoy fragrant and sweet, first-grade maccha tea from Uji, Kyoto and yatsuhashi manju, sweets that have been made by Yoshihiro since its founding and have been awarded the highest honor at the National Confectionery Exhibition.

The Kyoto style Confectioner, Nanami Mizuuchi will personally present a certificate of completion to participants.
Nanami Mizuuchi will issue a Certificate of Completion for the Kyoto style Confectionery Class to participants.
A picture will also be included that is certain to become treasured memorabilia.
(* Please note that each group will receive 1 certificate.)

  • 1 Participant―Adult: 1,890 yen (tax incl.); Children: 1,575 yen
    (tax incl.; up to high school age; does not include university students)Class Time: Approx. 75 min.

    Start Time: From 9:15 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:15 p.m. (subject to change depending on day)

    Class Size: 2-50 participants

    Reservations: Classes must be scheduled (please confirm number of participants, class times, etc.).

Contacting Kyoto Style Confectionery Sohonke Yoshihiro/Reservation Form

Please read !

  • Please pay the class fee on the day of the class at the store.
  • Online reservations should be made by 12:00 p.m. 2 days prior to the scheduled class day. Inquires should be made on the previous day or the day before.
  • * All Kyoto Style Confectionery Classes begin at the times listed. Please choose the most convenient time slot.
  • Please provide a computer email address since return emails may not be accepted by a cell phone email address.
  • If you need to cancel, please contact us by 12:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled class. Please be aware that if you cancel on the day of the class, you must pay the entire class fee.
    (Adults: 1,890 yen; Children (up to high school students): 1,575 yen)